Inbox full problem - bouncing emails

When someone sends you an email, and their email bounces back with a message similar to: "mailbox is full" or "The recipient's inbox is full", then it means that your inbox on the email server is full, and has nothing to do with space on your own computer.

When an email is sent, it lands in the recipient's inbox on their email server, waiting for the recipient to download the email from there onto their own computer.  This inbox has a finite size.  When emails are not deleted from the server after they have been downloaded to the recipient's computer, then this inbox simply fills up until it cannot accept any further emails.  When it is full, the server will return (bounce) the email to the sender with an inbox full message.

This is easily rectified.  In the advanced email account settings, the default is to leave a tick in "Leave a copy of messages on server".  Simply remove this tick and click on OK.  Then click on "Send and Receive", and all your downloaded emails in your email server inbox will be deleted, allowing it to receive emails again.

Please note that you will not receive any bounced emails, unless the sender(s) send these emails again.

If you receive emails on more than one device, then click here for these settings.

1.  Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express:

In Outlook Express click on Tools/Accounts, and double click on your email address.

In Windows Live Mail, click on Accounts/Properties

Now click on the Advanced tab and remove the tick in the
box "Leave a copy of messages on server"


2.  Microsoft Outlook

Go to your account settings (depending on your version, either click on Tools/Accounts, or on File/Accounts), to get into your email account settings.  In the main page click on More Settings on the bottom right, and then open the Advanced tab, to get to a window which looks similar to the one on the right.

Remove the offending tick.


3. Mozilla Thunderbird

Click on Tools/Account Settings. Click on your email address and on Server Settings. Remove the tick in the box "Leave messages on server"