Receiving emails on more than one computer

When you need to download your emails to more than one device, like in addition to your desktop computer you would like to receive them on your laptop and/or phone as well, then you have to leave the emails on the server for a short time after downloading them from one of your devices.

Fortunately this is easily set up on your email clients. Firstly, decide how much time you will need to download your emails on all your devices.  If you make this too long, like 2 weeks, then you are in danger of filling up your server inbox, preventing it from receiving any further emails.  2 days is normally sufficient, meaning that you need to download emails at least once every two days on each device in order to receive all emails.

In the advanced email account settings, put a tick in "Leave a copy of messages on server".  Also tick the box in the line below and enter "2" days in the respective box. and click on OK. 

This will leave the message(s) on the server for 2 days after the first device has downloaded them.  Please note that you need to change this setting on all your devices - on many phones this is the default setting.

1.  Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express:

In Outlook Express click on Tools/Accounts, and double click on your email address.

In Windows Live Mail, click on Accounts/Properties

Now click on the Advanced tab and enter  the tick in the box "Leave a copy of messages on server".  Tick the box in the line below and add "2" days.


2.  Microsoft Outlook

Go to your account settings (depending on your version, either click on Tools/Accounts, or on File/Accounts), to get into your email account settings.  In the main page click on More Settings on the bottom right, and then open the Advanced tab, to get to a window which looks similar to the one on the right.

Repeat as above in 1.


3. Mozilla Thunderbird

Click on Tools/Account Settings. Click on your email address and on Server Settings. Repeat instructions as in 1. above.