Thunderbird Mail Settings

  1. Select "Tools", "Account Settings", "Account Actions" and "Add Mail Account" at the bottom left.
  2. Enter your name, username and password

  3. Select "Continue".  The program will not find the automatic settings. 
    Select POP3.

  4. Select "Done".  If your password is correct, the account should be setup.
  5. For a manual setup, press "Manual config" in the window above.

    a.  Change the incoming server from IMAP to POP3
    b.  Change server hostnames to those provided by your ISP
    c.  Change the unsername to your full email address
    d.  Change the ports to those provided (normally 110 incoming and 587 outgoing for non-SSL, and 995 and 465 for SSL)
    e.  Outgoing authentication = Normal Password

    Press "Done"  to finish.
  6. Here are some more settings if something needs to be changed:
    SMTP Server:
    Go back into Tools / Account Settings:  Click on Outgoing Server (bottom left of the menu)

    Add a server description, and change authentication type here and port if necessary
  7. Now scroll to your new account in the left hand pane and highlight your new account, and make sure that the right outgoing mail server is selected.  Add a signature if needed:

  8. Now select "Server Settings" in the left hand pane under your new account:

  9. Click on "Advanced".
    If you want to have your different email account folders separated, tick "Inbox for this account".  Otherwise tick "Inbox for different account and chose Local Folders.
    Tick "Include this server when getting new mail" to automatically get new mail.

  10. In the left menu, click on  "Copies and folders.  Change your folders to "Local Folders" if you do not want to seperate your folders for your different email accounts.
  11. Select "Ok".