Creating PDF documents

If you do not have programs which can save files in pdf format, or if you want to save encrypted pdf files into unencrypted versions, then you can use one of the following below:

1.  In Windows10, this is very easy:

a.  Create the document in your favourite program, like Word, and then print it after selecting the "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer.

You will be prompted where you want to save the file. 

b.  If you already have a file, like a picture in jpeg format, or an encrypted file like a pdf bank statement, which you would like to convert to an unencrypted pdf document, simply open these files and then print them to pdf as described above.

This PDF printer prints encryped bank pdf files perfectly, unlike some free online print to pdf printers.


2.  Previous Windows versions do not have a free print to pdf printer, and one needs to be downloaded.

a.  PDF Creator is a free downloadable printer, with nice features.  It however cannot "convert" encrypted pdf files to unencrypted files.  You can save files into a variety of different file formats, not just pdf.

The recent downloaded files however may contain malware, so use it at your own risk.

b.  NitroPDF works very well, but is not free.  It does everything PDF Creator do and more, and converts encrypted pdf files perfectly.


3.  Merging and Splitting PDF files:

pdfsam works very well.  It's a free download, and so far seems to be without malware. 

This is a very useful program to split big pdf files into smaller sections which can then be emailed.


There are other useful similar programs which can be downloaded from the web.  We have no affiliation to the ones listed above, and just mentioned them as we have used these before.