Contract terms & conditions

Edelnet does not bind subscribers to contracts, but the following conditions apply:

  • Any equipment necessary for the internet and/or voice connection, supplied and installed by Edelnet, will be purchased by the subscriber and will become the property of the subscriber.  Wireless equipment supplied by Edelnet carries ICASA type approval, and carries normal manufacturer's guarantees.  The subscriber is responsible for the maintenance and insurance costs of their equipment, as well as replacement costs in events which are not covered by the manufacturer's guarantee, such as storm damage. 
  • Should a supplied product be defective, it will be replaced if reported within 7 days of installation.  If repairs are necessary within the manufacturer's guarantee period, a loan replacement unit will be supplied in the interim. 
  • While there is no cost for replacing or repairing a product under the manufacture's guarantee, call out costs apply to fetch and replace the product.
  • Invoices for installed equipment and repairs are payable on presentation.
  • No cash payments or cheques are accepted, only eft or other direct deposits. Subscribers are responsible for deposit costs.
  • All internet and voice services are pre-paid, with the exception of data usage in the data packages.  Data used will be invoiced at the start of the next month, and is payable before the end of that month.
  • Monthly subscription invoices are sent out at the beginning of the preceding month and are payable before the start of the month.
  • A notice period of one calendar month is required should any service be no longer necessary.  This is necessary to prevent any credit, which may be in the subscribers account, to be allocated to the following month's subscription(s).  Any credit left in the subscriber's account at the end of the notice month, will be paid into the subscriber's account within 14 days of obtaining the subscriber's banking details, after the termination date.
  • One package migration, or package change, is free per month.  Subsequent changes carry an admin fee of R150.
  • Should a subscriber be disconnected due to non payment, then the subscriber will be credited for subscription fees for the period of disconnection.  A reconnection fee of R150 will apply upon reconnection.
  • VoIP numbers are forfeited and lost if the account is 60 days or more in arrears.