Complaints and billing disputes

Should a subscriber wish to lodge a complaint, they may do so by sending an email to

complaints at

The subscriber will be contacted by Edelnet within 3 days to establish more details of the complaint and agree an acceptable method of resolution of the complaint.

If a subscriber lodges a billing complaint, Edelnet will

  • not disconnect the service of the subscriber while the investigation of the disputed portion of a bill is still pending
  • will reach a determination regarding the billing complaint and communicate it to the complainant within 14 working days
  • will not disconnect the service until Edelnet has notified the complainant about the results of their investigation and the final decision on the complaint
  • will not take adverse collection procedures or assess late charges and/or penalties while the investigation of a disputed billing is still pending
  • will not require the consumer to pay the disputed bill in full pending the investigation of the complaint

If the complaint cannot be resolved within 14 days, for whatever reason, the subscriber may escalate the complaint to the Wireless Association of South Africa,, of which Edelnet is a member.  If unsuccessful, this can be escalated further by contacting ICASA.